Day Hike The Grand Canyon

There are countless books about the wonders of the Grand Canyon.  Most of them give extensive information on trails, equipment and wildlife.  Little if any information is given on the physical preparation necessary to not only survive the canyon, but enjoy the experience.  Every time I hike out of the canyon, I see the unprepared suffering.  Hiking the canyon is a once in a lifetime experience for most, and anyone without injuries can reasonably prepare in as little as 12 weeks for a day hike to Skeleton Point, Indian Gardens or Plateau Point.

This 12 week training plan will prepare you to not only survive the hike, but to enjoy it! The training plan includes:

  • 12 week Training Calendar
  • Equipment suggestions for day hiking the Grand Canyon
  • Clothing suggestions for day hiking the Grand Canyon
  • Exercising At Altitude/Signs Of Altitude Sickness
  • Exercising In The Heat/Signs Of Heat Illness
  • Exercising In The Cold/Signs Of Cold Illness