Integrated Performance Training For Adventure Athletes

Integrated Performance Training For Adventure Athletes

Adventure Performance Training designs performance training programs for adventure athletes to achieve optimal performance in the backcountry. We understand the unique needs of endurance athletes who train and perform in the mountains. All programs follow an integrated, systematic approach. This allows us to progress any athlete to any performance goal while minimizing the chance of injury. The components of an integrated performance training program include:

  • Flexibility For Performance
  • Cardiorespiratory Training For Performance
  • Strength Training For Performance: Strength training includes core training, balance training, plyometrics, SAQ (Speed, Agility and Quickness Training and Resistance Training.
  • Performance Nutrition (How To Eat Like An Athlete) Performance nutrition can enhance an athletes performance by structuring the types of food, when the food is eaten and how much is consumed.  A proper performance nutrition program can delay fatigue, replenish muscle energy stores, strengthen the immune system and maximize strength gains from a training program.
  • Professional Coaching: A well designed performance training program needs to address many goals such as preventing injury, optimizing body composition (decreasing body fat percentage and/or increasing lean body mass), and increase athletic performance by improving flexibility, strength and endurance.

APT Foundation Program

The Adventure Performance Training Foundation Program focuses on developing you into a balance athlete with a solid level of base fitness. While the primary goal is to train for the upcoming objective, we believe that developing a strong base of fitness first will pay huge dividends in the mountains.

  • Corrective Exercise Training: Correct muscle imbalances, improve posture and restore proper joint motion.
  • Stabilization Endurance Training: Increase joint stability and improve muscular endurance.
  • Strength Training: Improve muscular endurance and maximal strength by changing tempo, sets, reps, intensity and rest intervals.
  • Develop power: Power training can also be a valuable period depending on the athletes ability and specific training goal.


APT Mountaineering Program

The APT Mountaineering Program shifts focus to preparing athletes for the unpredictable nature of the mountain environment. The training takes into account how long your days will be, mileage, elevation gain and loss, pack weight, altitude, and types of terrain. While the primary focus is on increasing endurance for the upcoming objective, we believe that developing a strong base of fitness first will pay huge dividends in the mountains. The Mountaineering Training Program utilizes an integrated approach to develop all areas of fitness.

APT Mountaineering Program Progressions: